Women’s Wellness Specialist

Michael J. Barnthouse, MD

Gynecologist & Hormone Replacement Specialist located in Kansas City, MO

For years patients have been asking me, “What can I do to lose weight, overcome my fatigue, relieve stress, stop my hair from falling out, restart my sex drive and cure my sleep problems?”

Women's Wellness

In response, I have ordered all the right tests, and they are almost always NORMAL! I simply did not have an answer to these common complaints. Referring patients with problems to other specialty physicians didn’t seem to help either. They would have more tests, more exams, spend more money, and still feel as bad as they did in the first place.

After a thorough search and after consulting with other physicians from around the country, I have settled on a group of nutritional products that seem to help a lot of people. Success with these products shouldn’t be a surprise. Our food has been processed and refined to last on store shelves forever. Our lifestyles are so difficult – we struggle to balance work, children and aging parents’ needs, financial strains, plus lots of other burdens we confront in day-to-day life. We are simply worn out and don’t have the fuel to rebuild our bodies.


I take these products myself and they have absolutely helped me feel better, which allows me to enjoy a happier life. When I first started taking these supplements, I wanted overnight relief. Then as I gradually started to feel better, I understood the process. My body had been so depleted of essential nutrients that the process of restoration wasn’t going to happen instantly. It took a couple of weeks for my body to replenish the deficiencies.

If you feel any of these products would be right for you and would reduce your personal struggles, whatever they may be, please talk to me. Together we will design a program using these supplements in ways that will benefit your particular needs. We can discuss your options at your visit - just call our office to set up a wellness consultation.